The [Real] Meaning of Marriage

This touching video describes the love and shared lives of two men, clearly married “later in life.” It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

  • “Why would anyone not want to foster love? It’s as simple as that.” 
  • As my brother went down the path of advanced AIDS…. I saw his trust in Dave… and the care Dave gave him….My husband said, I don’t think I could do for you what Dave is doing for Carl… I’ve never seen greater love than that.” — Carl’s sister.
  • “I thought it was awesome, I thought it was great! — Carl’s son on his father’s relationship and marriage to Dave,
  • “The way Davey would take care of my father….that was remarkable to me.”
  • “I was given an opportunity to care. ”  —  On caring for his husband Dave as he was dying with AIDS.
  • “I saw in their relationship the fruits of the Spirit.” — The couple’s pastor in Arkansas.

One thought on “The [Real] Meaning of Marriage

  1. absolutely beautiful – leaves me in awe of the human spirit of love and compassion; joy and sorrow; and the pureness and redemptive power of love

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