New Birdfeeder

Cardinal-male3I wasn’t sure how successful my first birdfeeder would be when I set it up yesterday morning. I wasn’t disappointed!  Within forty-five minutes, several female cardinals were the first to baptize the feeder, placed in the middle of our back yard, not far from a small tree.  A male cardinal followed, and then even a blue jay — which I hadn’t seen in our yard before! Others came throughout the day, too.  Finally, a little rabbit was up early this morning, checking things out.

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One thought on “New Birdfeeder

  1. You are so domestic. Blue jays must be making a comeback after West Nile. I saw one recently in DC and haven’t seen any in a few years. You male cardinals are such a brilliant color. Perhaps the hierarchy should learn that there can be female cardinals as part of natural law. LOL

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