Guns and America’s “Callous Attitude”

GunViolenceThe story about three “bored” teens in Oklahoma who murdered a college student from Australia simply “for the fun of it” sends chills up the spine of any human with a conscience. It is an undeniable reality about the human condition that some people with evil intent commit evil acts. As Americans, instead of doing what we can to minimize the possibility that those with such intent are able to carry out such acts, we actually create the environment that makes those acts more possible. With our increasingly lax gun laws and our decreasing respect (at both ends of the political spectrum) for all human life, is such callous disregard in people so young any surprise?

I doubt the words of this Australian leader will have their intended effect, but they’re worth repeating:

Former Australia [sic] deputy prime minister Tim Fischer criticized the National Rifle Association and asked Australians to avoid the U.S. as a way to force its Congress to act on gun control.

“Tourists thinking of going to the USA should think twice,” Fischer told the Herald Sun. “I am deeply angry about this because of the callous attitude of the three teenagers (but) it’s a sign of the proliferation of guns on the ground in the USA. There is a gun for almost every American.”

One thought on “Guns and America’s “Callous Attitude”

  1. As a survivor of gun violence, I’m horrified by our country’s ongoing obsession with guns. How many more innocent Americans need to die in how many different, horrific ways before our elected leadership defend innocent lives over the corrupt and manipulative special interest lobby groups, such as the National Rifle Association?!

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