Rush Limbaugh Gets it Wrong — Again!

According to this Huffington Post piece, Gay Student’s Flamboyant Behavior Blamed For His Murder, that font of wisdom who never fails to express concern for the “least among us,” Rush Limbaugh has apparently declared, “He [murdered student Larry King] was showing up in school dressed as a woman,….  So now a confused 17-year-old is dead because the school [said] ‘Ah, there’s nothing we can do.'”

Limbaugh’s lament is not about the school’s lack of action with the student who pulled the trigger.  No, it’s about the school’s “failure” to make the murdered student dress in a way that ensured he fit in with all the other kids, like a good, “normal” boy should

Well, Rush, you got it wrong again! I don’t care if he was showing up at school wearing a plastic bag, a Superman outfit, or something from RuPaul’s closet!  The “confused” student in this case is not the one who was murdered, but the one who — apparently influenced by his association with neo-Nazis, his devotion to Hitler, and his heterosexual parents addicted to illegal drugs and violence —  seemed not to know that murder is murder is murder. He seemed not to know that there is absolutely no justification for one student to bring a loaded weapon into school and and to execute a fellow student, as Brandon McInerney apparently did.

I pray that the family of Larry King will find comfort, and that Brandon will get the help he needs to rid his mind and heart of the hate into which he apparently has been indoctrinated.

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