What do you call someone who reneges on a deal?

From today’s Washington Times:

“Mr. Hensarling [supercommittee co-chair] called the struggling negotiations ‘a huge missed opportunity,’ but said the ‘good news’ is if the supercommittee fails, $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts would be triggered in early 2013.

“The Texas Republican added he hopes Congress would undo the $600 billion in automatic cuts to the Pentagon, which he said would undermine national security.

“Mr. Toomey [Senator Patrick Toomey, R-PA] also said it would be ‘very important that we change the configuration’ of the automatic cuts to protect the Pentagon but that he would want to keep the $1.2 trillion spending cut target.”

So, an agreement was made back in the summer that they would try to do X by November 23, 2011.  If X didn’t come to pass, then Y would happen automatically.  It’s now clear that X will not come to pass.  Mr. Toomey and many others in his party want to revisit the deal made in the summer, so that the Pentagon bears none of the automatic cuts and what the Defense Department would have borne is spread around to other agencies.

Not only did they fail to reach a new agreement; now they also want to undo an agreement already reached.  This doesn’t sound like the mindset of someone who negotiates in good faith and reinforces the growing perception that the US Congress is held hostage by a very small minority of political terrorists whose attitude is our way is the only way and we will stop at nothing to get our way.

On the school playground that’s called being a bully. What is it called in Congress?

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