Jesus Camp, the Horror Movie

The other day I watched a horror movie. It wasn’t a nail-biting Hitchcock film or a blood-and-guts thriller, but Jesus Camp is without a doubt the scariest movie I’ve seen in a long time.

This documentary “follows a group of young children to Pastor Becky Fisher’s ‘Kids on Fire Summer Camp.'” There, instead of spending their time learning how to swim, how to use a bow and arrow, or engaging in other typical summer-camp activities, these children are instructed in the fundamentals of evangelical “christianity” and are taught how to be good foot soldiers in the army of American evangelicalism, purportedly for the purpose of ‘reclaiming America for Christ.’ In addition to their camp experience, the film provides an insight into the highly controlled and even somewhat isolated family life these fundamentalists maintain.

The Hitlerian style of indoctrination, with its cult-like methodologies and group-think tactics, verges on child abuse.

Throughout the movie, Pastor Becky, her fellow zealots and their pre-pubescent adherents repeatedly mouth what they claim are “Christian” values, teachings, or perspectives (including unhesitating praise for George W. Bush and his various wars). Despite their claims to follow biblical teachings, we hear very little about true Christianity. There’s nary a mention of Jesus himself, the scriptures of the New Testament, or such Gospel values as justice, concern for the poor and the outcast, forgiveness, and the ultimate commandment to love — including love of one’s enemy.

Pastor Becky and her fellow nazis make repeated claims about the evils of this world and what’s wrong with America. To support the claim that evil is alive and well, dare I suggest that the views she and others like her espouse are exhibit number one.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Camp, the Horror Movie

  1. Dear Anonymous,Thank you for taking the time to read my post and to share your thoughts. I was struck by the fact that your comment began by referring to “the name of Jesus,” yet you chose not share your own name. Let me clarify that I not only love and respect the name of Jesus, but more importantly have faith in the Person of Jesus – recognized throughout Christian history as ‘Son of God and Son of Man.” My post was not about Jesus, but about a movie that uses His name and about what seems to be a cult-like trend within evangelical “christianity” that claims to follow the teachings of Jesus but seems not to know who He is.I have an M.Div. from a major theological seminary, and so am quite familiar with the Scriptures that bespeak both His Life and His Purpose. I strive to be a faithful Christian, yet am cognizant of my shortcomings in that regard. The film about which I wrote was not about Jesus’ life and purpose, but seemed to focus more on advancing certain political messages under the guise of something that is “christian” in name only and without connection to historial Christianity.Thanks again!

  2. Your hatred to the name “Jesus” is inexplicable. While you manage to find some despicable adjective for everything his followers do, you fail to come up with anything about His person. Please read through His life and judge for yourself that His purpose was One and that is Love.

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