Gen. Pace’s Warped Sense of Morality

Gen. Peter Pace, current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is in the headlines today, having stated his belief that, “homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral.”

How odd that a man who has played such a significant role in one of the most immoral actions in recent American history — the launching of a pre-emptive war that has cost the lives of thousands of Americans and countless thousands of Iraqis, and that fails to meet every measure of a “just war” — would call upon “morality” to condemn the physical expressions of love between individuals whom God created as gay.

The general, it would seem, has a very odd sense of morality.

No doubt it might be claimed that such a view of gay and lesbian people might be expected from someone who was raised Catholic and who has received Catholic recognition as someone actively living his faith. What else would you expect? If that’s the case, however, then why would the good general — being so concerned with morality, with living his faith and doing what is right — fail to follow the teaching of the US Bishops who are on record questioning “the moral legitimacy of any preemptive, unilateral use of military force”?

One might surmise that the general believes the Church is right on the gay thing, but wrong on the war thing. Sounds to me like the cafeteria-style approach to “morality” so abhorrent to conservatives and others who have all the answers!

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