Gay Men Mocking Nuns: UPDATE

This is an update with related information to my earlier post calling for an end to using Catholic religious women — i.e. sisters and nuns — as fodder for humor and cheap laughs.

  • This promotional review of the performance provides several images of GMCW members dressed like nuns, singing and dancing.
  • And this Washington Post story from earlier this month starts off with a reference to the “dancing nuns” rehearsing.

So, tell me again … why is it funny to make fun of Catholic religious women who have devoted their lives to doing good as nuns and sisters? Granted, many LGBT Catholics have legitimate beefs with the Catholic Church. Many of us feel rejected, unwelcome, and at times even demonized.  But rarely, if ever, did this rejection come from religious women.  In fact, it has been communities of religious sisters who have often stood up to the power of bishops and others and promoted an atmosphere of respect and welcome for gays and lesbians in the Church.  So why is  it funny that we repay them with such mockery?

The answer is, it isn’t.  This isn’t funny, it’s not OK, and it should stop.