Hate Disguised as Faith

In today’s meditation entitled “A Toxic Image of God,” Franciscan Father Richard Rohr makes the comment that, “it’s much easier to organize people around fear and hatred than around love.”

That seems to be the most effective strategy these days in American politics. And it’s certainly what’s happening in Florida now. The so-called “Pastor Protection Act” has advanced in the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 7-3. The proposed law is very brief. And while I”m no lawyer, it seems to me, the only thing this bill does is provide a forum to advance and promote public disdain for LGBT persons. If you doubt that, then watch what this so-called “pastor” has to say. Citing a tragic homicide, he basically claims that gay people are killers and do not deserve legal protection of their rights. Yes, “it’s much easier to organize people around fear and hatred than around love.” I wonder what Jesus would say about this man’s testimony??

Where are the kids?

Today’s Ask Amy column gives five tips distilled from a project at Cornell University (The Legacy Project) about what makes a successful, long, and happy marriage.  Despite the fact that opponents of same-sex marriage always mention that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they don’t procreate (at least in the same way opposite-sex couple do), I find it curious that not one these tips mentions children at all!

Here’s my favorite tip (which, those who know me, will completely understand):

4. Talk to each other: Marriage to the strong, silent type can be deadly to a relationship. Long-term married partners are talkers (at least to one another, and about things that count).

Happy Valentines Day!