Wisdom and (Butterfly) Passion

Yesterday I decided to explore further Lovers Key State Park. I felt the need for a little “nature time” and found myself alone — for the most part — hiking the park’s Black Island Trail.  I say “for the most part” because for a brief period a young family was also on the trail.  At one point I heard Dad impart some environmental wisdom, saying to his three school-age children, “Now guys, remember that everything you ever have or use on this earth came from the earth.  Your clothes are made of cotton, …” Before he could continue, he was asked, “What about an iPod?” “Well,” he said, “that’s made from metals or compounds that ultimately come from the earth, too….”

Before I started the trail, I visited the park’s Butterfly Garden. At one point I spied movement on the ground and saw what seemed to be an unusually large butterfly.  Upon closer inspection, I found myself interrupting a rather intimate moment between two Gulf Fritillaries.  They’re also known as Passion Butterflies — apparently with good reason!

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