2 thoughts on “Hoping bishops will do better — an (im)personal encounter

  1. Tim,
    You did the right thing posting your correspondence with the bishop. Being tone-deaf, he qualifies as a typical American prelate, and, unfortunately, his lack of empathy tells us most of what we need to know about the prospect that the American church will ever get it with respect to the pope’s valiant efforts to drag the hierarchy out of their palaces and into the pastoral role he appointed them to fill.
    – Mark Clark

  2. Tim,
    Thank you for sharing this exchange. Sadly it exposes how the hierarchy just doesn’t get their need to smell their sheep to borrow from Pope Francis. Indeed they don’t want to get too close. Bishop Coyne sounds like he was on fast track to wear a pectoral cross from his days in the seminary so why should he be too sensitive regarding the Orlando tragedy and risk his chances for a big hat? Francis could call the Armenian genocide by its name and feel natural about it, but very few others who are playing Church politics have the same bravery. Bishops wear red to remind them that they are called to martyrdom, but that symbolism seems to be lost in the glitter of their rings and crosses.

    Dignity Washington through a convoluted process invited Cardinal Wuerl to come and hear our stories after Mass on a Sunday evening of his choice after he said he wanted to get to know his people better.. As you recall he walks by where we celebrate Mass every Sunday evening. No theology and no press and he would call just before he would arrive. No problem we said. Three months later and no call – and none expected.. He also ignored the sexuality of the Orlando victims in his blog statement about it.

    There is a rumor that Martin Luther might have his excommunication lifted this year, the 500th anniversary of his call to debate. Perhaps LGBT people will be welcomed to the Church in another 500. To borrow from Grocho Marx – do I want to be a member of this club knowing their members?
    God Bless,
    Tom Bower

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