Changed Minds Follow Changed Hearts

Timely Wisdom from Fortunate Families

Fortunate Families

Fortunate Families

Whenever my own first reaction to baseless statements from those who go to great lengths disparaging God’s LGBT sons and daughters is to engage in rational argument, messages like this one from Fortunate Families remind me that — in the end — changed hearts must come before changed heads.  It will be the lived experience of real people living out lives of simple faith and goodness that will humanize hearts that have become cold and stoney. As the prophet Ezekiel reminds us, it is just such a human, fleshy heart that God wants us to have; human hearts that are able both to endure great suffering and and also to love very deeply.

Referring to recent articles and statement from Rome, Fortunate Families says this:

These harsh statements are particularly dispiriting at this sacred time of year when families that include LGBT children, parents and grandparents gather to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. We could find fault with Ms. Scaraffia’s historical comparison, or the pope’s rigid and outmoded understanding of what it means to be a man or a woman. Instead we remember that Jesus, when asked by messengers from John the Baptist whether He was the Messiah, told them to go back and tell John about what they saw happening all around them:  the sick were being healed, the lame made to walk and good news was being proclaimed to the poor.

What we see when we look around us are heterosexual parents loving their LGBT children and advocating for their dignity and equality; same-gender couples creating safe and happy homes for their children; and transgender people like those whom the pope criticizes living healthy, mature, and generous lives. [emphasis added]

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