New Zealand Member of Parliament to Catholic Bishops: “Love is love”

Great post, NWM! … It’s always refreshing to see calm, rational thoughtfulness used to pull the rug out from under arguments rooted in animosity and fear.

Bondings 2.0

In New Zealand, a gay Member of  Parliament has publicly chastised the members of his nation’s Catholic hierarchy because of their opposition to a proposed law to enact marriage equality.

Criticism of the bishops came from Kevin Hague, a Green Party MP, who was responding to a recent letter that the prelates wrote to members of Generation Y (people in their 20s), urging them to oppose marriage equality. reported the story which is based on a blog post that Hague wrote on Frogblog, the New Zealand Green Party’s blog.   The following are excerpts from that post:

“It’s not a surprise that the NZ Catholic Bishops have chosen to oppose Louisa Wall’s Bill for marriage equality. After all, they opposed Homosexual Law Reform, they opposed human rights protection on the grounds of sexual orientation and they opposed Civil Unions. I’m beginning to sense a theme.

“The Catholic Bishops…

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