The Gift of Birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday.

There really was just a single candle in my panna cotta, even though it looks like the fire department might be on its way!

I usually observe that day each year by taking off from work and going for a long walk here in DC.  Invariably I stop in to the National Gallery of Art (NGA) to enjoy the beauty of its architecture, sculptures, and other artwork from across the centuries.

Sometimes I just relax in the rotunda of the Gallery’s west wing, sitting back and taking in all the activity of visitors from around the country and around the world enjoying this national treasure.

While I wasn’t able to get away from work for the entire day, nor was I able to make it to the NGA, I did leave early and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with some special friends. Throughout the day I continued to be periodically delighted as more and more Facebook friends and acquaintances offered best wishes and congratulations. It felt good to be remembered.

Birthdays are gifts; they are snippets of time out of Time that encourage us to pause for a moment on our life’s journey —

remembering what was,

pondering what might be, and

most especially being grateful for what is.

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