A Third Grade Spirituality ?

If I had settled for the mostly one-line answers to everything from my Fr. McGuire’s Baltimore Catechism, my spiritual journey would have been over in the third grade. [from Richard Rohr OFM, Daily Meditation for Sat., Feb. 25, 2012]

  • How many of us have stopped our spiritual journey at some point along the way?
  • How many religious “leaders” try to pass off as nourishment for the adult soul what might satisfy a third-grader, but which leaves the mature soul even more unsatisfied than before?

And I love Fr. Rohr’s definition of the Bible. In what ways today, right now, am I allowing the light of my own life and experience to be engaged by the beautiful Mystery we call God?

The Bible is an honest conversation with humanity about where power really is. All spiritual texts, including the Bible, are books whose primary focus lies outside of themselves, in the Holy Mystery. The Bible is to illuminate your human experience through struggling with it. It is not a substitute for human experience. It is an invitation into the struggle itself—you are supposed to be bothered by some of the texts.

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