How About a Prayer for All Marriages (And All Committed Relationships Rooted in Love)?

(My comment to an article on the Huffington Post. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost)

“While Nienstedt has every right to write a prayer of exclusion and insert it into the Mass…” Actually, Archbishop Nienstedt does NOT have this right. Catholic Liturgy is public prayer, it is communal prayer. The Eucharisti­c Liturgy, commonly referred to as the Mass, is the epitome of Catholic Liturgical life and it is precisely NOT subject to the whims of individual­s, including the bishop of a particular diocese (if it were, there would not continue to be such concerns about the recently re-transla­ted Roman Missal).

Reading the letter that accompanie­d the introducti­on of this “prayer” on the archdioces­an website, it’s hard to tell whether Nienstedt was directing that this be included in Mass (as part of the “Prayer of the Faithful”)­, or whether it was merely a very strong suggestion­. In either case, the insertion of such a text which clearly does not reflect the “prayer of the Faithful” is a scandalous abuse of his authority as the bishop of that diocese. My prayer is that pastors and priests simply ignore this call.

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