Immigration Reform: Fix the Cause

Yesterday, D.C. joined other cities around the country in playing host to marches and rallies in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

I agree with those who say the U.S. needs to have a better plan to deal justly and fairly with those millions of people, mostly from Mexico, who are here (pick your term)… “illegally,” “undocumented,” “without papers.” There are plenty of good ideas (and a few very bad ones) about how to address these issues that affect so many facets of American society.

Addressing the problem here, however, does precious little to address the problem there … and by there, I mean Mexico. Conservatively, 40% of Mexicans live in poverty; is it any wonder they want to flee? Debate and discussion about guest worker programs and paths to citizenship and border control … these are all good and healthy discussions that Americans and elected leaders should be having. But these issues are only secondary to the primary problem of Mexico’s long-standing economic and social ills.

I don’t know enough about Mexico even to guess at what the answers might be. But I do know enough about logic that dealing with an effect without addressing its cause does precious little to bring about lasting change.

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