Fundamentalism is Never Good

Abdul Rahman is a 41 year old Afghan who converted from Islam to Christianity. Reportedly turned into Afghan authorities by his parents, he now faces possible execution by beheading for violating Islamic Sharia law which sees such religious conversions as an afront to The Prophet and to God.

Will this be enough to help us understand that religious fundamentalism invariably leads to horrors of the worst kind? This criticism is not about Islam, it is about Islamic fundamentalism; Christian fundamentlism is no better. Were it not for the strong constitutional system of government we have in the United States, would we expect anything different from the Christian fundamentlist leaders on our own soil?

3 thoughts on “Fundamentalism is Never Good

  1. Hi Tim,Did you leave the priesthood because some of your fellow priests were preaching death to gays from the pulpit ? Have you followed the case of Abdul Rahman ?Mullahs are demanding his head be separated from is body for the crime of following Christ. Fred Phelps is a protestant loonie. Recall an interesting episode a fews years back in Boston…VOTF (or similar group)were harassing Catholic worshipers outside a church calling the Church a den of pedophiles, or words to that effect. Fred and his group show up to harass the same worshipers calling the Church a den of ‘fags’. VOTF turn 180 degrees and start defending the Church, or at least gays in the priesthood. A miracle occurred that day Tim ! Pas.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Pas, but we’ll have to disagree on this one. Fear is a very powerful thing. Were it not for the Constitutional prohibition here in the U.S. against the establishment of religion, I fear that the likes of Pat Robertson and (even worse!) Fred Phelps ( might so capitalize on those fears as to do immense harm.

  3. ‘Christian Fundamentalism is no better’. Sorry Tim, but cannot agree. When was the last time a Christian was killed or threatened with death for leaving the faith ? What ‘Christian’ country has such laws on its books ? What ‘Christian’ country decrees death for gays ? Look at Andrew Sullivan’s blog for the latest on the killing of gays in Irag. Moral relativism of this kind is the scourge of the Left.Cheers, Pas

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