San Francisco Archbishop on "Brokeback Mountain"

The British Catholic newspaper, The Tablet, reports that George Niederauer, newly-installed Archbishop of San Francisco, spoke positively about what he took away from seeing Brokeback Mountain. One of the lessons Niederauer sees is “the destructiveness of not being honest with yourself, and not being honest with other people – and not being faithful, trying to live a double life, and what that does to each of the lives you try to live.”

(By the way, I’m glad Archbishop Niederauer didn’t take the advice of the USCCB not to see the movie when they rated it “O – morally offensive.” The bishops’ convoluted review simultaneously states that a Catholic audience would find the film’s subject matter itself “contrary to its moral principles,” even though it is treated “with discretion” and the film is “well-crafted” and “superbly acted.”)

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