US Dioceses, Same-Sex Marriage, and a Straight Man’s Comment

I usually find quite interesting many of the comments posted in response to online stories. While I know they don’t represent any scientifically valid sample, they do provide a glimpse into the views of some — even if the “some” are self-selected and limited to a very small population.

Today’s National Catholic Reporter carries a story about how different dioceses throughout the US have responded to the issue of same-sex marriage in their jurisdictions.  This comment, posted by “Michael Bindner,”  is spot on!

“It will be Catholic families, not governments, that will force the Church to recognize the marriages of their gay children.

The purpose of marriage under the law (including Canon Law) is NOT procreation, but the creation of a separate family unit. It separates two people from their families of origin and joins them into a new family. The Book of Genesis says as much about what happens when a man marries -how he leaves his family and cleves to his wife (and now his husband or her wife)

It’s not just about health insurance. If it were that simple, Leveda’s choice would have been correct. Instead, it is about saying who your family is and is not. When I married my wife, I left my family and she left hers. We are owned by each other, not our families. When my brother married his husband, he should have the same protections from his siblings and mother. Put another way, his husband and my wife should be on equal footing with regard to familial rights and this footing should be recognized everywhere, and for the sake of both our Catholic family and my brother-in-law’s Catholic family, this union should be celebrated in the Church.”

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